Dry Diving in Hyperbaric Chamber Überlingen

We’ve been here with Scubado and we did a 50m simulated dive for 65 min: It was an interesting adventure.Here are some interesting points: At the beginning, during compression phase, it was very cold (18°  and it was foggy), soon after it became warmer During the compression phase, even if it was 10 m / minute, we had to compensate all the time the pressure with equalization of our ears. While it is normal to equalize, we usually don’t do that so often in a normal dive under water. At 50m our voices sounded like those who breathe Helium We had our diving computers, but we were asked to put them in a bucket of water all the time, otherwise they could get damaged.   More pictures to come…     Pictures from the Hyperbaric chamber:  

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Aale im Krebsgarten

Mit dieser Ausrüstung: http://diving.sorinmustaca.com/2023/10/14/new-photography-equipment/

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New photography equipment

Olympus Tough TG-6 Actionkamera, 12 Megapixel Sensor, digitale Bildstabilisierung, 4x-Weitwinkel-Zoom, 4k-Video, 120fps, Wi-Fi, schwarz Olympus PT-059 Unterwassergehäuse (geeignet für TG-6 Digitalkamera) 2 x Diving Lamps 18000LM 1 x Suptig Unterwasserlichter Tauchlicht 84 LED High Power Dimmbar Wasserdichtes LED-Videolicht Wasserdicht 50 m Dual Handle Tray Stabiliser Rig, Aluminium Alloy Diving Underwater Camera Housing Tray with Trigger for Underwater Balance Shooting

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Diving in Crete, Greece – August 2023 – First photos with nudibranchs

Between 23.08 and 2.09 we’ve been in Crete, Greece. We stayed in Petousis hotel and I went diving with Eco Diving Crete. With them I’ve been to the following locations: 2 times 2 x Mononaftis 2 xMades “Minnewaska Wreck”  and “Elephant Cave” – 2.5h drive to Chania. Byron Wreck I did 9 dives in total. I have to say that the trip to Chania was very tough (7 AM to 9.30 AM).   I tested properly my Olympus TG-6 with the lights, which I now enhanced even more. More about this later …  

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Nightdive in Krebsgarten

Night dive in Krebsgarten Meersburg. The guys there were my buddies, I am the first one, who just enters the water. These two photos by Pepe.   These photos were made with Paralenz Camera DC+:

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Diving in Teneriffe in August 2022

A bit late to post about this vacation, but better late than never. We’ve finally made it again to Teneriffe and I made 10 dives in 5 days with Aquarius Diving Teneriffe, Doina and Harry’s diving center. I could see a lot of marine life and here are some pictures.

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Diving in Antalya, Turkey

Dive 1 and 2: Location: Antalya, Island Sican Adasi Diving Center: Barracuda Diving Club Dive 3: Location: Antalya Diving center: Akdeniz Yunus Diving Scuba Antalya Buddy: Kozy     Dive 4 and 5: Location: Kemer, Antalya Diving center: I am not sure about their name Buddy: Martin (from Denmark)   Dive 4: The caves near Kemer Marina Depth: Up to 14m Duration: 61 min   Dive 5: The Paris Wreck Depth: up to 28m. Duration: 33 min     Live ammunition, torpedos: I have seen live nudibranches for the first time !    

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A collection of Nudibranchs from the Internet

Since I started to be more and more interested in underwater photography, I stumbled upon groups and websites where people upload beautiful underwater pictures . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nudibranchs (/ˈnjuːdɪbræŋk/[2]) are a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage.[3] They are noted for their often extraordinary colours and striking forms, and they have been given colourful nicknames to match, such as “clown”, “marigold”, “splendid”, “dancer”, “dragon”,[4] or “sea rabbit”.[5] Currently, about 3,000 valid species of nudibranchs are known.[6] The word “nudibranch” comes from the Latin nudus “naked” and the Ancient Greek βράγχια (bránkhia) “gills“. Nudibranchs are often casually called sea slugs, as they are a family of opistobranchs (sea slugs), within the phylum Mollusca (molluscs), but many sea slugs belong to several taxonomic groups which are not closely related to nudibranchs. A number of these other sea slugs, such as the photosynthetic Sacoglossa and the colourful Aglajidae, are often confused with nudibranchs. Nudibranch comes from the Latin word ‘nudus’ and the Greek word ‘brankhia,’ meaning ‘naked’ and ‘gills’ respectively. This makes sense because the little flower-type protrusions on the back of the nudibranch are the exposed (naked) gills. There are over 3,000 species of nudibranchs, from very shallow to depths of 2,500m. They are found in tropical and temperate seas as well as Antarctica, although they are most common in the shallows. From https://atmosphereresorts.com/10-things-you-did-not-know-about-nudibranchs: Some nudibranchs are poisonous while others pretend to be poisonous, which is evident by their vibrant colors. They feed on stinging cells of hydrozoids and store them in the rear of their body for protection. They can also ingest toxins from sponges and Continue Reading →

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Diving in Malta 2021

Just like last year, I’ve been in Malta with the family. Same place, same Divecenter, SeaShell Diving. Damn, I am even writing the article on exactly the same day, one year later: 21.09.   I did the following dives: 1.Tugboat Rosi Wreck Santa Maria caves 3,4. P31 Minesweeper Wreck P29 Minesweeper Wreck MV Imperial Eagle Wreck and the statue of Jesus -> without seeing the statue due a bad planning of the dive dive in the port of Cirkewwa Cominotto 9,10.Tug 2 A night dive in the port of Cirkewwa   Here are some pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=sorin.mustaca&set=a.10165792452840145    

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Divemaster training finished

After a lot of delays, I finally had the final exam for the DM certification. Thanks to Jörg, I am now officially a PADI Dive Master. The final exam was to plan a dive and accompany divers during the dive in a certain location, for which I have made the UW map. Of course, for me it was Krebsgarten in Meersburg. It has been fun… and hard work. I learnt a lot and I have to say that it is worth doing this course and certification. I think that the most important element is who teaches you … I must admit that I’ve been very lucky to have Jörg as my instructor all these years. More: PADI is asking a lot of money for this, 109€ per year. Even if I am not going to practice being a Divemaster, I like the status, so I’ll pay for the status for some time.

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