Diving #2: Cala Murta, Mallorca

Same conditions as in the Diving #1: in Cala Petita – El Muro, just one hour later. We went to 12 m deep and it was already much nicer. Luis was my buddy (PADI trainer) and he gave me some tips to improve the floating at the same level. The underwater landscape was not very impressive… Just some not so interesting fish…

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Diving #1: Cala Petita – El Muro, Mallorca

This was my first diving in the Mediterranean See: 14.06.2014, from 9 to 10 AM. The biggest difference for me was the salt water. Deepest point was 12 m, but I worked a lot on my buoyancy. So, most of the time I was at about 6m and I went up and down a lot of times. I was wearing a 5.5 mm neopren suite and a 12 L air tank. I needed 12 KG lead to be able to dive… which is a lot…  Imagine that I had to climb back on the boat with so much weight… We drove with such a boat and we needed less than 10 minutes to reach the jump point.   Needless to say: I was the first one that had to get out of the water because I ran out of air. 🙁 I still have troubles to control how much air I consume… well, I am after all a beginner. I was told that after a while, 20-30 dives this gets better… Well, this is the first one.  

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Snorkeling photos and movies

Videos:   Video 1:   Video 2:     Photo Gallery:    

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Some experience so far about diving and snorkeling

After two days of snorkdeling, and a trip with two divings (i will write a separate post about it) I can say a few things. Do note that the humour is intended: 1. How do you recognize a person who has been doing snorkelimg extensively? His back is red or tanned but his belly is white. Even the face is less tanned than the back. How do you recognized a diver? His upper part of the body is tanned and the lower part is white. That is from the neopren suit used for diving.   Another way to recognize him and also the snorkel is by the partial tanning of the face. At the water level the radiation is more powerful because of reflection and the mask protects his eyes and nose better. And this is how you get partial tanning.     I’ve passed through all these stages… Interesting experience 🙂 Written at the swimmingpool using a Galaxy Note 3, sorry for the typos.

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What’s next in diving?

Next is, of course, the next level in diving: Open Water Diver. But until then, I will go and see a bit of Mallorca… this time from underwater.  

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Welcome to my Diving Adventures

I decided to write this blog only for diving, not to mix up things with the IT Security blog on www.sorinmustaca. I obtained today the PADI Scuba Diver license.   Many thanks to my wife for giving me the participation to the course as a gift. The diving school I used is called Scuba-Do and my instructor was Jörg.   I’ve had today the diving in open water in the Lake of Konstance (Bodensee) and it was great ! I couldn’t make any pictures, but maybe next time 🙂   We’ve been here:

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