Diving in Antalya, Turkey

Dive 1 and 2:

Location: Antalya, Island Sican Adasi

Diving Center: Barracuda Diving Club

Dive 3:

Location: Antalya

Diving center: Akdeniz Yunus Diving Scuba Antalya

Buddy: Kozy



Dive 4 and 5:

Location: Kemer, Antalya

Diving center: I am not sure about their name

Buddy: Martin (from Denmark)


Dive 4:

The caves near Kemer Marina

Depth: Up to 14m

Duration: 61 min


Dive 5:

The Paris Wreck

Depth: up to 28m.

Duration: 33 min



Live ammunition, torpedos:

I have seen live nudibranches for the first time !



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