Diving #3: Krebsgarten, Meersburg

My 3rd time diving, second time in the Garden of Crabs, Meersburg. This time I was with Peter G. as my Dive Master. I am still not able to keep a straight line in the water (called buoyancy). But I am making progresses… I used a 12 L tank in 40 minutes, and I was diving against the current. This requires a lot more effort… The water was 18grd which is OK, but the visibility was pretty bad, around 2-3 m. We saw a lot of crabs (small and big), some fish and a big fish which I don’t know the name. There were a lot of dead crabs in the water, Peter was saying that their life season was closed to end and that’s why they die now. Overall, it was nice and it was a lot of fun to dive with Peter. I hope I will be able to do this again soon (next weekend).

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