Icediving in Pfullendorf

Together with Scubado I’ve been Ice diving in Pfullendorf.

Interesting experience in a 6 degress Celsius water with an outside temperature of 4-6 degress Celsius and a powerful sun.

Those who dive in dry suits know what a powerful sun does to a person in a dry suit. 🙂

In ice diving you have at least four members, always:

  • 1 who is ready to dive in case of emergency (fully prepared to jump into water)
  • 1 who is managing the rope and making sure that in case of emergency is pulling everyone out of the water
  • 2 divers : 1 is experience who is running the dive, 1 who is following the experience diver. No need to say that I was the follower 🙂

I went in the water with Michael (in the picture).



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And this is the rest of the team (made by me with Peter’s phone):



And this is Micha being pulled out of water under presumed emergency (drilling):


Jörg’s video:

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