Diving at Wilder Mann in Meersburg (drysuit)


Guide: Jörg Lietzmann

Buddy: a girl and a boy who did their first dive in a lake. Right after the OWD course. 🙂

After 18 min he was at 100 Bar and we had to go back.





Wilder Mann in Meersburg

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Temp: 12 degrees Celsius

Suit: dry suit

Visibility: 3-5m


Air tank: 12 L Material: Steel Weight: 18Kg

Lead Weights: 7.5 Kg  -> should have been 9Kg

Under the suit: shorty

Finns: well, that’s the trick: Fin Jet 1.8 Kg X 2 = 3.6 Kg weight

Time: 42 min

Depth: 10-13 M


Videos: https://goo.gl/photos/ANjNZQZFYmEWtthy8

They have a bad quality… Looking forward to receiving my  Paralenz camera.

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