Diving at Cazino Constanta, Romania

I made 3 dives with Aquarius Diving Centre Constanta at the Cazino Constanta. The entry in the water was difficult because we had to go through the stones on the shore.



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Dive 1 (Red): 4KG x 2 side lead, 4KG belt lead

Dive 2 (Blue): 4KG x 2 side lead, 3 KG belt lead

Dive 3 (Black): 4 KG x 2 side lead, 3 KG belt lead

12 L Airtank, 18 KG weight of the airtank

With my own equipment.

Visibility 3-5 m

In general, the visibility was really astonishing for the Black Sea. We could see very well even small crabs.



In Dive 3 we visited the historical harbor from the times of the romans. The walls of the harbor were about 500 m away from where it is now and they were about 2 m high. They are now 5 m under water.

The good part is that with every dive I remained longer and longer in the water with the same 12L tank.

Longest dive was number 3 with 78 minutes.



Sea horse

Huge jellyfish



Many smaller jellyfishes

Fluorescent jellyfishes

Leucothea multicornis

Leucothea multicornis


Sea needle

Shrimps (on the rocks)


And here are the photos (courtesy of Aquarius Diving):

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