Some experience so far about diving and snorkeling

After two days of snorkdeling, and a trip with two divings (i will write a separate post about it) I can say a few things. Do note that the humour is intended:

1. How do you recognize a person who has been doing snorkelimg extensively?

His back is red or tanned but his belly is white. Even the face is less tanned than the back.

  1. How do you recognized a diver?

His upper part of the body is tanned and the lower part is white. That is from the neopren suit used for diving.


Another way to recognize him and also the snorkel is by the partial tanning of the face. At the water level the radiation is more powerful because of reflection and the mask protects his eyes and nose better. And this is how you get partial tanning.



I’ve passed through all these stages… Interesting experience đŸ™‚

Written at the swimmingpool using a Galaxy Note 3, sorry for the typos.

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