New equipment

I found out about a new diving equipment store that is being open right now in Friedrichshafen: Stephan’s store. Visit his site and online shop here: I bought from there the following: – Hollis NEOTEK 8/7/6 semi-dry diving suit Aqualung Axiom Jacket Aqualung Titan LX regulator Mares Diving Console with Compass, Air display, Depth Together with the already purchased Mares X Vision Mask and Mares Nemo Wide diving computer, I am ready to dive 🙂   Check the next posts from here on to see how great this set it!

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The Nemo Wide diving computer

    Finally arrived: Mares Nemo Wide Scuba Diving Computer (click on the link to buy it). A big one… The biggest I have found that is still affordable. There are others as big as this one, but they cost 2x or 3x more.     Click here for a detailed description of this device.  

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