Divemaster training finished

After a lot of delays, I finally had the final exam for the DM certification.

Thanks to Jörg, I am now officially a PADI Dive Master.

The final exam was to plan a dive and accompany divers during the dive in a certain location, for which I have made the UW map. Of course, for me it was Krebsgarten in Meersburg.

It has been fun… and hard work.

I learnt a lot and I have to say that it is worth doing this course and certification.

I think that the most important element is who teaches you … I must admit that I’ve been very lucky to have Jörg as my instructor all these years.


PADI is asking a lot of money for this, 109€ per year.

Even if I am not going to practice being a Divemaster, I like the status, so I’ll pay for the status for some time.

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