Diving in Tenerife

I’ve been in Tenerife for two weeks where I made 15 dives in total.

The highlights are:

  • Robert got his Junior Scuba Diver certification
  • We went diving with turtles and rays (bullray, sting ray, common Atlantic ray)

Here are the diving spots:

With Robert and 12dive.com as part of the course:

Montagna Amarilla

Las Eras

Abades – 2 times

With Aquarius Diving

Abades – 2 times

El Faro

El Condesito(Wrack)
Los Roncadores (turtles)
Los Roncadores (turtles)(Robert) with Aquarius
Marazul 2 times
Nightdive-Los Christianos
Tabaiba-El_Penon(Wrack) – 2 times


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