Diving at D-Loch Memmingen

D-Loch is an artificial lake near Memmingen (check the link to see more). The depth varies between 2 – 7 m. It can go as deep as 10 m when there is enough water from rain.

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Here are some photos I’ve made with the phone:

2015-09-12 14.09.47 2015-09-12 14.09.52-2 2015-09-12 14.10.26 2015-09-12 14.10.47

There are a lot of fishes:

  • Sturgeon (Ger: Störe)



  • Trout (Ger: Forelle)
  • Other small fishes
  • Others 🙂


dloch3 dloch4dloch6




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